Support your unique structure with AD Link

We understand that no two schools are the same, and that the structure and operational requirements of your school are unique to you. 

AD Link gives your school the flexibility to manage groups, users and permissions in Firefly using groups from Active Directory (AD). This versatility allows your school to go beyond the classroom with access anytime, anywhere, in-class, at home and for extracurricular activities or school trips, supporting whole child learning.

How does this help your school?

AD Link allows Firefly to further integrate with a school’s particular structural and operational requirements by allowing them to use Azure AD groups in Firefly.

  • Engage all your administrative groups including teachers, students, parents, administrators, pastoral heads, housemasters, year heads, SENCOs – any group from within your school.
  • Empower users with a fully curated experience in Firefly which is appropriate to their needs and requirements.
  • Manage your Firefly communications even more effectively with targeted messaging so people see what they need to see, when they need to see it.

Use groups from AD as well as from your MIS to provide curated, personalised content, assign homework tasks and target messaging effectively. Engage teachers, students and parents with a personalised experience for every group within the school community.