Usability improvements across Firefly

Firefly is born for schools, and our product design is inspired by teachers to help them focus on innovating in the classroom. In order to reduce the amount of time they spend on admin tasks, we've make several usability improvements across Firefly. These changes reflect the requests and needs of teachers and help them complete their tasks quickly so they can focus on teaching and learning.

 To help teachers complete marking and grading efficiently, we made three small changes to tasks:

  • When teachers open a task, they now go straight to the Task Responses tab so they can respond to student responses more quickly.
  • When teachers create a completed task from the markbook, a new button takes them straight to the tasks so they can start filling out marks and grades. 
  • To make it easier to respond to tasks, we've made the Request Resubmission, Confirm Student is Excused, Add Comment and Add File options more visible. If teachers are using a larger screen, these options now appear on the Task Responses tab. If teachers are using a smaller screen, these options remain in the More menu.

To help administrators navigate Firefly easily, we added a Back button to the Control Panel.