Changes to the student profile

One of the foundations of the modern learning experience is delivering a holistic and rounded picture of each student, shared with parents, teachers and school leaders alike. This understanding allows schools to identify what actions need to be taken early enough to be effective, support differentiated learning and ultimately help students achieve their personal best.

Firefly’s 360° views of the student give shared visibility among teachers, parents, and leaders across the entire scope of a student’s school experience. As part of this, Firefly profile pages are designed to present a range of information about a student in one easy to understand, accessible place.

We are working to extend the amount of information available and improve the way that it is presented so that it provides clearer insights, in an easily digestible and actionable way. These improvements to the Student Profile will allow greater flexibility over what information is presented and to whom, further enhancing the visibility of the entire scope of a student’s school experience, among teachers, students, parents, and leaders.