Responding to tasks

Submit a comment, file, photo or audio clip, or simply mark your work as done.

  1. Select the menu icon, then choose Tasks.
  2. Choose a task.
  3. Select Send a Response to Your Teacher.
  4. Choose a type of response: 
    • To attach a file that's hosted on Google Drive or Office 365, select Send a File.
    • To write a comment or question, select Send a Comment.
    • To attach a photo, select Send a Photo. You can choose one that's already on your phone, or capture a new one.
    • To record an audio message, select Send an Audio Recording.
    • To notify the teacher you've completed a task, select Mark as Done.

    In this example, we'll be sending a comment.
  5. Enter a comment, then select SEND.

    Your comment is sent and added to the task history.
  6. To return to your list of tasks, select the arrow in the top left.

In your tasks list, a grey arrow appears next to the task you responded to – this indicates you were the last one to respond.