Viewing your tasks

Check up on the tasks you need to do, or review tasks you've completed.

  1. Select the menu icon, then choose Tasks.
  2. Review the tasks in your To Do list. These are displayed in chronological order, with the closest due dates at the top. For each task, you can see the title, class, teacher, status, and due date (if there is one).

    A task is displayed in blue text if there's been an event since the last time you viewed it.

  3. OPTIONAL To filter your tasks, select the filter icon then choose the relevant filters. You can combine multiple filters to narrow down the results. To reset the filters, untick the boxes. Select Filter to return to your filtered tasks list.
  4. OPTIONAL To sort your tasks, select the sort icon and determine the order you want to use to sort your tasks.
  5. Choose a task.
  6. Review the task history. The most recent event is always displayed at the top of the screen.

    Complex tasks might include a description with further guidance and attachments. To view a task's description, find the first event in the history and select Task Description. When you've finished reading it, select the arrow in the top left.

  7. To view tasks that you've previously completed, select the Done tab.
Once you've reviewed the task details, you can add a response.