Responding to tasks

Submit a comment, file, photo or audio clip, or simply mark your work as done.

  1. In the tab bar, select Tasks.
  2. Choose a task.
  3. Select Send a Response to Your Teacher.

    If your assignment contains questions, select Complete the Questions to see and answer the questions.

  4. Choose a type of response:
    • To attach a file that's hosted on Google Drive, Office 365, or iCloud, select Send a File.
    • To write a comment or question, select Send a Comment.
    • To attach a photo or video, select Send a Photo or Video. You can choose one that's already on your phone, or capture a new one.
    • To record an audio message, select Send an Audio Recording.
    • To move the task to your list of completed tasks, select Mark as Done.

    In this example, we'll be sending a comment.

    Once you've attached a file or sent a response to a task, you can't remove it, so make sure you are attaching the final version of your work!

  5. Enter a comment, then select Send.

    Your comment is sent and added to the task history.
  6. To return to tasks list, select Tasks.

    In your tasks list, a grey arrow appears next to the task you responded to – this indicates you were the last one to respond.

  7. To view the tasks that you have marked as done or confirmed as completed, select Done.

    To make a Marked as Done task as a Marked To Do, simply swipe left on the task.

    If you are trying to mark as a completed task as a To Do, a notification will let you know that the task has already been archived by the teacher.

Need a little more time to complete a task? Set yourself a reminder before it's due.