Viewing your school calendar

View a quick summary of your school's calendar on the dashboard, then look at it in more detail.

  1. On your dashboard, find the Calendar section.
  2. Choose a date to see what's happening on that day.

    Each school can choose how much to display in the calendar – this particular one shows the events for the current day and the two following days, but yours might be different.

  3. If you'd like a more detailed view of the calendar, select See more events. This will display the full month.
  4. OPTIONAL Customise your viewing experience. At the top of the calendar, choose between the List or Grid view and whether to display the calendar by DayWeek, or Month.
  5. OPTIONAL To download the calendar as a standard .ics file, select Download in the bottom right.

Subscribe to the calendar on whichever device you're using to view the page. For example, if you select subscribe while viewing the page on your phone, the phone's calendar app will be subscribed and will automatically be updated every time events are added or changed.

You can also view your personal timetable in Firefly.