Checking your timetable

Use the planner to check your timetable. You can choose between a weekly overview or a more detailed daily timetable view.

  1. In the main navigation bar, select Planner.
  2. Review your timetable for the day on the right side of the planner. For each lesson, you can see the class name, subject, time, and room.
  3. To switch to weekly view, select the Week tab. Review your timetable for the week. For each lesson, you can see the subject, teacher name, time, and room.
  4. To return to daily view, select the Day tab.
  5. To jump to another date, select the planner icon in the top right and choose a date from the drop-down.

    You can also use the arrows beside the date to display the previous or following day's timetable.
  6. To return to your current timetable, select Today in the top right.