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31 January 2019

Keep your tasks and homework organised

To help you manage you tasks more intuitively, we've added further options to sort, filter, or mark tasks as done to your task list. This change helps you manage your workload more effectively and prioritise the tasks that are most important.

In this version, we've added the following abilities:

  • You can mark multiple tasks as To Do or Done at the same time.
  • You can sort the task list by due date (earliest first), due date (latest first), set date (earliest first) and set date (latest first). Your most recent sorting selection is remembered when you leaves the task list page.
  • You can filter your task list by more options, including ProgressRead, Marking, Due Date and Set By
  • You now see a badge that indicates when a teacher has asked you to do a task again. 

Keep track of your marks

When you select See all Marks and Feedback on your profile, you now see an improved list of your marks and feedback. Instead of archiving a mark, you can now mark it as read or unread.