Class seating plan

View or edit the current seating plan.

  1. In the tab bar, select Classes.
  2. Choose a class.
  3. In the left menu, select Seating Plan. The current seating plan is displayed.
  4. To re-arrange the seating plan, select Edit.
  5. Tap a student's photo and move it to the desired location, then release. It will snap into place on a grid. 
  6. To confirm your changes, select Save. Otherwise, select Cancel.
  7. You can add a note to a student by selecting the student.
  8. Select Add Note.
  9. Add your note about the student.
  10. Select Done.
  11. You can view your notes by selecting a student.

You can randomly pick a student by selecting Choose a random person. The chosen student will be highlighted in blue.