Using the planner

With a quick glance, find out where you need to be and what you need to be doing.

  1. In the tab bar, select Planner.
  2. Your timetable for the day is displayed. For each lesson, you can see the class name, subject, time, room and any corresponding lesson plans. Each class is automatically assigned its own colour, so that you can easily differentiate one class from another.
  3. Select Week to display your weekly timetable. For each lesson, you can see the class name, subject, time and room. Use the arrows at the bottom to view the previous or following week.
  4. To switch back to the daily timetable, select Day. Swipe right to see the previous day or left to see the following day.
  5. Choose a lesson to create a plan for, then select Write a Lesson Plan.
  6. Type or paste your lesson plan content. You can then use the editor toolbar to format your lesson plan: highlight important information, use bulleted lists, add a link to a useful resource, and more.
  7. Select Save to save your lesson plan.

Your lesson plan is now displayed in the planner.