Adding completed tasks

Add and mark tasks that were completed outside of Firefly, such as in-class assignments or homework on paper.

  1. In the tab bar, select Markbook.
  2. Select Add Completed Task.
  3. OPTIONAL Edit the recipients list. By default, it's set to the class whose markbook you were viewing.

  4. Select Next.
  5. Enter a task title.
  6. Select the calendar icon, then choose the date the task was completed.
  7. Select Next.
  8. OPTIONAL Add a description. You can format your text and add links if you need to. 

  9. Select Next.
  10. OPTIONAL Add attachments:
    • To upload a file, select Upload. Choose iCloud Drive or Google Drive. If you're prompted for credentials, enter them. Select your file, then choose Done.
    • To upload an image or video, select Photo or Video. Choose Use Camera to capture a new image with your device, or Choose from Photos to select a photo from your device's gallery. If you're prompted to grant Firefly for Teachers access to your photos, select OK.
    • To record a message, select Microphone. Tap the red circle to start recording, then tap it again to stop. Select Playback to listen to the recording. If you're happy with it, select Save Voice  Recording. If not, select Start Again to record a new message.
  11. Select Next.
  12. Review your full task summary.

    You can still make edits if you need to – select Edit next to the element you want to change, or choose Back in the bottom left.
  13. To publish your task, select Add Task. If you're not ready yet, you can select Save as Draft to keep working on it later or Cancel to delete it completely.
    Your completed task is added. If you've finished working with completed tasks for now, select Done. 

The task is added to your markbook and appears in your students' Done list.

Find out more about how to mark a task.