Firefly 6

Annotating work

Annotate your students' work directly in the Firefly for Teachers app.

  1. In the tab bar, select Tasks.
  2. Choose a task.
  3. In the left menu, select Responses.
  4. Choose a student.

  5. Select the filename of their submission.

  6. In the annotation toolbar, choose a tool. You can choose from the following:

    Icon Description
    Write freehand
    Draw a rectangle
    Draw a circle
    Add new text
    Highlight existing text
    Underline existing text
    Strike-through existing text
    Add a note

    The selected tool will be highlighted in blue. In this example, we're using the type tool.

  7. Tap the area of the document you want to add the annotation to, then type your comment. Tap the document again to stop using the tool.

    You can change the font face, font size, alignment of the text and colour of the text.

  8. OPTIONAL Move the annotation around the document. Tap once to select it, then drag and drop it to the desired location. You can also push or pull the corners to resize it. You can change the colour of the freehand pen pen by having no tools selected, then selecting the text for which you want to change the color. Then choose Colour... and select the colour you want.

    If you need to undo a change to your annotation, select the single left arrow in the annotation toolbar.

  9. When you've finished adding your annotations, select Save.

The annotated document is added to the task history.