Setting tasks

Set homework or in-class tasks for your students. You can format your description, attach files, and more.

  1. From the dashboard, select Set a New Task.
  2. Enter the name of the person or class that you'd like to set the task to, or choose from your lists of classes and students.

    You can easily choose just a few students from any given class. Select the plus sign next to a class to list all the students in that class, then choose the X next to a student's name to remove them from the list.

  3. If you share this class with another teacher, want to share the assignment with a cover teacher or want to show the task to a head teacher, you can enter a co-owner. 

  4. Select Next.
  5. Select Task Title, then enter a title.
  6. To set a due date, select the calendar icon then choose a date.

    You can also change the start date if you'd like – by default, it's set to today.

  7. Choose where to display the task. By default, tasks are displayed in the Markbook and the Parent Portal.
  8. Chose Next.
  9. Choose whether students need to submit a file before they can mark a task as complete.
  10. Select how to assess the task. If you choose an option with a mark, determine what the mark should be out of.
  11. Select Next
  12. Select Write a Task Description

  13. Paste or type a description and select Save.

    You can format your text and add links if you want to. The formatting options are the same as on the web.

    Links won't be clickable in the apps due to the way iOS works. They'll be clickable when the task is viewed via the web.

  14. Select Next.
  15. OPTIONAL Add attachments:
    • To upload a file, select Upload, then select Browse. Choose iCloud Drive, OneDrive or Google Drive. If you're prompted for credentials, enter them. Select your file, then choose Done.
    • To upload an image, select Photo. Choose Take Photo to capture a new image with your device, or Choose Existing to select a photo from your device's gallery. If you're prompted to grant Firefly for Teachers access to your photos, select OK.
    • To record a message, select Microphone. Tap the red circle to start recording, then tap it again to stop. Select Playback to listen to the recording. If you're happy with it, select Save Recording. If not, select Start Again to record a new message.
  16. Select Next.
  17. Review your full task summary.

    You can still make edits if you need to – select Edit next to the element you want to change, or choose Back in the bottom left.
  18. To publish your task, select Set Task.

    If you're not ready yet, you can select Save as Draft to keep working on it later or Cancel to delete it completely.

    Your task is created. If you've finished working with tasks for now, select Done.

Your task appears in your list of tasks and recipients will be notified that a new task has been set for them.

Did you know you can edit a task even after it's been set?