Viewing your tasks

Review all the tasks you've created. You can use the sorting and filtering options to display the tasks that are most relevant to you.

  1. In the tab bar, select Tasks
  2. Review your task list. By default your tasks are displayed in chronological order, with the closest due date at the top of the list.
  3. OPTIONAL To sort your tasks, select Sort By.
    • To sort tasks by chronological order, choose Due Date (newest) or Due Date (oldest).
    • To sort tasks by alphabetical order, choose Task Title, Set By or Class.

  4. Your task list is automatically updated.
  5. OPTIONAL To filter your tasks, select Filter. Select Status, MarkingClassDue Date or Ownership, then choose from the options displayed. Your task list is automatically updated and the number of filters used is displayed next to Filter.

    You can combine several filters. For example, you could choose to only display tasks set to your Year 9 English class that are due tomorrow.
  6. Choose a task.
  7. Check the task overview. For each task, the overview shows the title, the recipients, the start and due date, whether the task is displayed in the markbook and/or Parent Portal, the progress bar, and the description.

  8. Choose how to release feedback and marks by ticking one of the following:
    • Send all feedback and marks for the task at the same time (default option)
    • Send feedback and marks as you add them
  9. To return to your list of tasks, select Tasks in the top left.

    To refresh the task list, pull down the page.