Managing bookmarks

View, filter, and rename your bookmarks.

  1. Select the Bookmarks icon in the userbar. 

    A list of all your personal and recommended bookmarks is displayed. 

    You can also see your most recent recommended bookmarks on the dashboard.
  2. OPTIONAL Delete or re-arrange your personal bookmarks. Select Organise Bookmarks, then drag and drop your personal bookmarks into your preferred order. You can also select delete to remove a bookmark from your list. Select Done to confirm your changes.

    You can't delete a recommended bookmark yourself. It must be deleted from the original page by the page owner.

  3. OPTIONAL Rename your bookmarks. Select rename next to the link, then type in your preferred name. Choose Confirm change to save.
  4. OPTIONAL Filter your recommended bookmarks: 
    • To view bookmarks that were recommended to a specific group, choose from the Recommended to: drop-down.
    • To arrange your bookmarks in chronological order, choose from the Sort by: drop-down.

    If a form was recommended for you to complete, it will appear as TO DO in your Recommended Bookmarks.

 Your bookmark list is updated to reflect your choices.