Use the dashboard to keep track of activity.

Dashboard overview

Use the dashboard to quickly access all the information that's most relevant to you.

Sending messages & announcements

Send an announcement or message to any person or group in the school.

Viewing calendars

View a quick summary of your school's calendar on the dashboard, then look at it in more detail.

Viewing tasks due soon

View a quick summary of the tasks you've recently set, when it's due as well as your students' progress for each task.

Viewing lessons

View your own timetable and use it to browse all the classes, groups and individuals in the school right from your dashboard. You can see your lessons and full planner too.

Searching the site

Search for pages, people, groups and files from anywhere on the site.

Switching dashboards

If you have access to multiple dashboards, you can choose which one you see when you log in.