Sending messages & announcements

Send an announcement or message to any person or group in the school.

Firefly is connected to your school's information system so all the staff, students and other groups are easy to find and send messages to.
  1. In your dashboard's Announcements & Messages section, select Send Message.

    You can also find the Send Message option on group or personal profile pages.

  2. Start typing the name of the person or group you want to message, then select them from the drop-down. Firefly automatically makes suggestions as you type.
  3. OPTIONAL To make your message into an announcement, tick Mark as important (pin to top).
  4. Enter your message, then select Send Message

    If you select Send a copy by e-mail, a notification is sent to the user's device. If this option isn't selected, no notification is sent.

The recipient(s) will see the message on their dashboards and be notified by email and push notification.

Students can only receive messages. Only staff can both send and receive them.