Office 365 or Google login

Use your Office 365 or Google account credentials to log in to Firefly. You'll only need to sign in once to automatically be logged in to Firefly, so there's no need to remember multiple passwords.

Please note that if you're a locally hosted school, you'll need to ask the administrator to enable this option in the Control Panel first (under Modify Site > Authentication).

Linking your Office 365 or Google account to Firefly

If the UPN or email address you use for Office 365 or Google matches the one used in Firefly, they'll automatically be linked and you won't need to set up anything yourself. If you're a locally hosted school and the email stored against Active Directory matches your Google or Office 365 email address, the two will also be linked automatically.

If the UPN or email address doesn't match the one in Firefly, follow these steps:

  1. While logged in to Firefly, select your name, then choose Account Settings from the drop-down.
  2. Select Linked Accounts.
  3. Choose Set up link to Google Account or Set up link to Office 365 Account.
  4. Enter your credentials, then select Link Account.

Logging in to Firefly using your Office 365 or Google account

On the login screen, select Google Account or Office 365 on the right. You'll be signed in without needing to enter a password.

If your laptop or tablet also connects to Office 365 or Google for your email, calendar or documents, then you can take your work with you – without needing to sign in again.

What's next?

Once you're logged in, check out the step-by-step tutorial.