Step-by-step tutorial

Follow our tutorial to quickly get started using Firefly.

This tutorial takes you through the Firefly basics with both videos and written instructions, so you feel comfortable doing your daily activities, such as creating new pages, writing lesson plans, assigning tasks and marking assignments within Firefly. Each page shows you a simple example workflow and includes links to help you go further with Firefly, so you can create engaging assignments using all the tools Firefly has to offer. 

On each page, look out for the following boxes:

What's next?

The links in the What's next boxes guide you through the tutorial. You can also use the arrows at the bottom of the page.

Learn more

The links in the Learn more boxes direct you to pages that dive deeper into the functionality. Some of these pages might be more in-depth guides, while others are from our inspiration section to help you consider all the ways you can creatively use Firefly.

Try it out!

The suggestions in the Try it out boxes help you practise the skills you've learned in Firefly. These boxes give you a starting place to create your own tasks and resources in Firefly for your school, so you feel more comfortable when it's time to use Firefly for all assignments.

Navigating the site

Learn how to find your way around in Firefly.

Writing your first lesson plan

Write your first lesson plan for a class.

Setting your first task

Set your first piece of homework in Firefly.

Marking your first task

Review a student's submission, then give them a grade or mark.

Using the markbook

Track students' progress and set targets for them in your Firefly markbook.

Creating your first page

Create your very first Firefly page.

Collaborating with others using resources

Discover the many different ways you can collaborate with others using resources you created on Firefly, including creating interactive pages and alerting others to pages you've created.

Using the Firefly training class

Practice task setting, marking and annotating by using Firefly’s built in group of fictional students.