Collaborating with others using resources

Discover the many different ways you can collaborate with others using resources you created on Firefly, including creating interactive pages and alerting others to pages you've created.

When you create resources using Firefly, you can specifically make pages that encourage collaboration, either with your students, parents or with other members of staff. There are several page types prepared in Firefly that help you collaborate and share information together. This section highlights a few of those pages, and also lets you know how you can make sure others are seeing your content, either by recommending a page or sending a message.

Using blogs, forums & forms to collaborate

Firefly offers different types of pages to choose from, depending on what you want to achieve. Blogs, forums, and forms are all designed with communication and collaboration in mind.

Blogs are flexible, engaging pages, that are great to use with students, parents, and colleagues.

Forums are a great way to encourage students to chat about educational topics in a supervised setting.

Forms are a useful tool to collect information from students, staff or parents.

Recommending a page

If you have content you wish to share with your students or a fellow teacher, recommending a page is a great way to get them to see it. 

Sending messages and announcements

You can use Firefly to quickly send a message or announcement to another user or group. Announcements will appear on a user's dashboard and are ideal for school-wide or class-wide news, while messages are intended for more private conversation.

Please note that while students can receive messages, they won't be able to send one back.

What's next?

If you want to practise creating pages or assigning tasks, you can use the Firefly training class.

Learn more

Use forms to do more, including collecting feedback and sending out permission forms to parents. Also check out Firefly's tips on how to use blogs.

Try it out!

Sharing resources with your colleagues helps reduce the amount of content creation you need to do, and sharing forums and blogs with students help them engage in learning. To get more comfortable with sharing resources, try out the following suggestions: 

  • Recommend the page you created to the Firefly Training Class or to your colleagues so they can check out your work.
  • Create a forum in your section of the Resources menu for your classes to collaborate.
  • Send a message to the Firefly Training Class.