Marking your first task

Review a student's submission, then give them a grade or mark.

When you get an assignment back from a student, you can mark it as necessary. Learn about the different ways to give marks, grades or feedback to your students, so they can do better on their next task.

  1. In the tab bar, select Tasks.

  2. Choose a task to mark.
  3. Choose a student.

  4. Select Add Mark, Grade or Feedback.
  5. Enter a grade. The assessment format you selected when you created the task is prepopulated.

  6. OPTIONAL Add some feedback. 
  7. When you've finished, select Save Grade. Your mark is saved. 
  8. To share your annotated file and mark with your student, select Send Responses to 5 Students.

The task history is updated with your changes and the student is notified.

What's next?

View marks and grades and track the progress of your students in the Using the markbook section. You can use Firefly's annotation tools to give feedback to students directly on their assignments.

Learn more

Read more in-depth explanations of marking tasks and try out annotating tasks. Discover how else you can manage tasks, including:

Try it out!

Use the assignments you created with the Firefly Training Class on the Setting your first task page. Use the instructions to make sure students submit example work. Please note that their submissions will not relate to your topic, as they are for practice only. To get more comfortable with marking work, try out the following suggestions:

  • View the assignments. If you want to, try out the annotation tools.
  • Give every student a mark or grade.
  • Write feedback for your students.
  • Release the marks, grades or feedback for all students in the Firefly Training Class.