Navigating the site

Firefly has all the tools you need to plan your lessons and create engaging tasks, pages and assignments for your students. Before you dive into writing your first lesson plan, learn how to navigate Firefly so you can get started more quickly and find what you need with ease.

The user bar sits at the very top of your screen and contains links to everything that's directly related to you. Quickly access your messages and bookmarks via the icons, or select your name to open a drop-down with links to your account settings, profile page, personal pages, and more.

The lightbulb on the left informs you of any news and updates regarding Firefly. If it's blue (as above), select it to find out more. If it's grey, there haven't been any new announcements since you last checked.

The main navigation menu is what you use to navigate the Firefly site. It contains a link to your dashboard, the school's resources (i.e. Firefly pages), your tasks, and your markbook. It also contains the search function. 

All of the Firefly pages created by your school live under the Resources menu. Select it to bring up a list of all the sections. For example, let's take a look at the Subjects section for Maple Hill. As you might expect, this section contains pages for each subject taught at Maple Hill.

If there are more than 9 sections, you'll need to select View all sections to see them all. Likewise, if a section has a lot of pages, you'll need to select See all pages in this section to see everything.

Select a subject to access all of its child pages. For example, this is what I might see if I select English.

The dashboard is a great place to go for a quick overview of what's happening in your school and what your workload might look like. 

What's next?

Write a lesson plan to appear on your dashboard and guide your teaching.

Learn more

Explore the different features on your home page in the Dashboard section.

Try it out!

Explore Firefly at your school! Each Firefly is different, but you can take some time to familiarise yourself with layout of your site. To get more comfortable, try out the following suggestions:

  • Use the search tool to find your classes.
  • Find a specific student and explore their profile page. Check out the links in their profile and see where those links take you.
  • Explore the Resources menu and find pages created for your subject.