Using the Firefly training class

Practice task setting, marking and annotating by using Firefly’s built in group of fictional students.

You can try setting tasks to the students in the Firefly training class without affecting anyone else in your school. The practice tasks can be as simple or complex as you like. In addition, the students in the Firefly training class will automatically respond to the task you set them when you send your first comment to the class. You can use these tools to get comfortable with Firefly before you assign your first real task to students.


  1. Set a new task and type Firefly Training Class to select the group. 
  2. When finished setting a task, select View theTask.
  3. Select the Task Responses tab to send a comment to the group to receive their work. 
  4. Select More then choose Add Comment.

  5. Add a comment then select Save Comment for All Students to send to the group.
  6. Select Send Response to 8 Students.

  7. Select Send to send responses to the group.
  8. Refresh the browser to see all the fictional student responses which will appear on the Task Responses tab. Feel free to give feedback and mark your student’s work.
  9. You may also annotate and mark work for the Firefly training class by viewing the markbook. Choose Markbook from the dashboard. 
  10. Select the drop-down on the left and choose Firefly Training Class

    You can practice annotating their submitted work, excusing them or sending documents, audio and comments. Any marks and feedback that you give the members of this class will appear in the markbook too. 

What's next?

Explore all that Firefly has to offer! Practise with your class, or review the rest of the Help Centre documentation to learn how to utilise the many tools Firefly has to offer. 

Learn more

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Try it out!

Use the Firefly Training Class to get comfortable using Firefly. You can use the Try it out sections on the other pages of this tutorial for inspiration, but make sure you do the following suggestions: