Using the markbook

Track students' progress and set targets for them in your Firefly markbook.

Once you've marked assignments for your students, you can use the markbook to peruse their grades and monitor their progress. The markbook makes it easy to view trends over time in assignments, so you can tell which students might need a little extra help, or so you can pick topics to review based on student marks. 

  1. In the main navigation bar, select Markbook.
  2. Use the arrows at the top to move backwards and forwards in time, or jump straight to the oldest or newest tasks that you set for this class. 

    The blue shading is darker for higher marks and lighter for lower marks. Where there is no numerical mark, the shading is grey.

  3. To view the markbook for a different class, use the drop-down on the left.
  4. Select a student. You can then either go to that student's profile page, or view their individual marks and feedback.
  5. Select View Marks and Feedback. All the marks and feedback received by that students are displayed, even for work given by other teachers. You can select which teacher you would like to see work for and whether to include tasks that are hidden from the markbook. Choose the Archived Tasks tick box to see current tasks or ones that have been previously set, marked and archived.
  6. Select Go to Class to return to the markbook.
  7. To display more information about a mark, select it. 

What's next?

Make resources you can share with colleagues and use in class by creating your first page

Learn more

The markbook section contains information to help you manage and navigate your marks. You can set goals for students to help them improve in the future or hide tasks to keep your markbook uncluttered.

Try it out!

Look through your markbook to familiarise yourself with the way it works. To get more comfortable with the markbook, try out the following suggestions:

  • Find your list of classes and review the markbook for each one.
  • Open the markbook for the Firefly Training Class.
    • View the most recent marks and grades you gave.
    • Hover over the marks to see your feedback.
  • Select a student from the markbook and review the list of all of their marks and grades.