Writing your first lesson plan

Write your first lesson plan for a class.

When you prepare for class, you can also make sure Firefly has all of your class notes and lesson plans stored. Learn how to write a lesson plan that will show up on your dashboard and in your planner, so you don't lose your notes and can switch between classes easily. 

  1. In the main navigation bar, select Planner.
  2. In the Day tab, find the lesson you want to add a plan to. In this example, we'll add a lesson plan for the Year 8 English class.
  3. Select Write Lesson PlanThe editor opens.
  4. Type or paste in your text. In this example, we want to discuss characters from Romeo and Juliet with the class.
  5. OPTIONAL Use the editor toolbar to format your text and add links. In this example, we want to make sure the title of the play is italicised and make the title of the lesson stand out using by setting it as a heading.
  6. To save your new lesson plan, select Done.
  7. If you change your mind about what to do in class, select Edit lesson plan.

What's next?

Get started creating assignments to go with your lessons and set your first task.

Learn more

See your lesson plans on your dashboard and use your planner to see your timetable and create lesson plans.

Try it out!

Take a moment to explore your planner and try building a lesson plan! To get more comfortable, try out the following suggestions:

  • Find the Planner section of your dashboard.
  • Open the Planner from the main navigation bar. Explore the day and week views.
  • Add a simple lesson plan. Not ready to save? No problem, don't click Done.
  • Use some of the formatting options, including adding bullets, creating links and making headings.