What's Firefly?

Firefly is a learning platform designed to give busy teachers more time to teach.

Everything in one place, all the time

With Firefly, you can set and manage homework, track student progress, check your timetable, create learning resources and contact parents all in the same place. Because Firefly is on the web, you can access it 24/7. It works on all devices, from computers to phones.

No extra admin work

All of your groups and classes are right there. You won't need to input any data yourself – Firefly just works out of the box. When you mark work, the marks are automatically added to the student's markbook. 

Easier communication

Give students valuable feedback as they're working on a task. You can also send important messages to students or parents directly from Firefly.

Flexible and adaptable

With Firefly, you can support flipped learning, blended learning, or simply provide materials outside class. Whether you teach music, sports or Hhstory, you can use Firefly.

Help when you need it

We hope you'll find all the answers you need on this site. If you need any extra help, please get in touch with our friendly Support team.

What teachers say

Firefly has allowed me to seamlessly communicate not just with students but also with parents in an easy-to-use, attractive and intuitive online environment.
Stephen Wiles, Head of e-Learning & Music Teacher, Forest School

Firefly helps us provide students with learning which was exciting, well-resourced and 24/7. Firefly is central to our function as an educational institute - the heart of what we do, providing continuous 24/7 learning. It’s not ‘we’ve got this learning site somewhere’, as with many other systems, but everybody knows about it and uses it.
Simon O’Grady, Principal, British International School Cairo

I love Firefly. It’s absolutely great... it really is so simple.
Robert Sarre, Director of Academic IT Strategy, Charterhouse

Now that you know a bit more about Firefly, why not take a quick tour?