Asking staff to read the handbook

Create a progress page, then recommend it to staff so they can keep you updated on how much they've read.

  1. Create a progress check page. 

    Check out more information about creating progress checks.

  2. At the bottom of the page, select Recommend this page.
  3. Enter the name of the person or groups you'd like to recommend the page to, then select Next.
  4. OPTIONAL Add a short message to go with your recommendation. For example, a deadline for them to complete the work by.
  5. Select Recommend this page.
  6. To view users' progress, select Display Report.
  7. Select the Filter drop-down, then choose an appropriate group. The results for that group are displayed. 
  8. Review the progress users have made. For each user, you can see a tick for every step of the progress check they have completed. If there's nothing, then they haven't completed that step yet.
  9. OPTIONAL Select Export to Excel to download the report for further analysis.