Types of assignments

Creatively use assignments for class tests, revision tests, preparation for exams and structured activities.  

Class tests

Whether it’s an end of module assessment, or a quick pop quiz in a lesson, you can create class tests to track your students’ understanding. A class test allows you to set a time-limit on the test so that students can only complete it once and have to do so within the time you allow. Online testing means that students can take these tests anywhere they have a connection and on any device.

Revision tests

Set the questions, give Firefly the answers and it will mark the test for you. Revision tests can be sat by students as many times as they’d like, making independent learning easier and more accessible. You can set up guidance notes for each question when you create the test so that students will see their mark and your notes immediately after completing the test. Students can clear their answers and have another go, allowing them to monitor their own understanding of the topic independently.

Preparation for exams

Use assignments to prepare your students for exams. Whether you want to set up mock exams online, or collate questions types and topics from past papers together, assignment pages can be used to both assess your students' progress and expose them to the exam question format. A nice option with Firefly is the ability to link from particular questions to relevant supporting material for those students that need some extra help.

Structured activities

Use assignment pages to create a structure for students to work within. This might be write-ups for a science experiment, or a framework for a history essay. By giving your students more guidance in these activities you allow them to focus on the core objectives of the activity.