Managing distance learning through Firefly

Firefly is here to help students, teachers and parents stay connected

How can Firefly help....


  • Online learning resources - Firefly makes it possible for teachers to set up virtual classrooms on a lesson by lesson basis, with all of the worksheets, documents and videos the class needs for a particular topic in one place. Tools like Clickview, Planet e-stream and Youtube can be embedded directly into Firefly, along with textbooks from Classoos and files from OneDrive or Google DriveGrouping resources together make it easier for the student to follow the thread of a lesson and not to waste time hunting for the right material. You can drag and drop your files, add video and audio in one central location so that their students have all the material for their lesson in one space. These can be quickly and easily assigned to groups of students and their activity tracked.
  • Collaboration - many students will find working from home a lonely experience, without the opportunity to collaborate with their friends. Social media will help to fill this gap to an extent, but it doesn’t make it easy for the whole class to be engaged. Firefly forums to give students a space where they can work together with their friends and their teachers to swap ideas and answer questions.
  • Feedback - Firefly ensures that students can continue to receive the feedback they need through online annotation of documents, along with audio or video feedback, whilst teachers can track their progress and see where support is required.


  • Create a virtual staffroom - Firefly forums and blogs provide an online environment for teachers to collaborate and share best practice. School leaders can make sure that all of their staff stay connected and are kept up to date with the latest updates.
  • Managing learning - Firefly tasks make it easy for teachers to assign resources and activities to classes; students can submit their work through the task and teachers can provide appropriate feedback in a variety of different ways.
  • Tracking students - assignments and tasks can be tracked in the Firefly markbook so that teachers can still follow their students’ progress and know how best to support them.


  • Communication - use blogs, newsletters and forums provide a platform for parents to stay connected with their school on a day to day basis.
  • Support - give parents to access to their child’s learning resources in Firefly, making it easier to support them in their learning and activities.
  • Feedback -  teachers can share tasks in Firefly, alongside a student’s progress and feedback with parents helping them better understand what their child needs to work on.