Setting up a meeting using Google Hangouts

Schools using Google accounts can quickly and easily set up online lessons with their students.

Google Meet allows you to set up online meetings with your classes and you can share links to the meeting through Firefly. Start your lesson off with an online introduction to a topic before your students work through other resources you have made available, either through a Firefly page or task.

Start with your Google Calendar and add a meeting. Give the meeting a title, select a start time and then make sure you select the Add Conferencing option.

  • Click on Hangouts meet.

  • This will add an online meeting to the event.

  • If you Right Click on Join Hangouts Meet you will be able to copy the link address ready to add to your Firefly page or task

  • Once you have copied the link address, you can either paste this into your Firefly page, or use a Navigation Button to make it stand out.
  • If your students are logged in using their Google credentials they will be able to use the link to go straight to the meeting.
Hint: Make sure that you have let your students know when the online part of the lesson will start so that they can be there on time for you!