Using Microsoft Stream in Firefly

Create videos in Microsoft stream and share them alongside your other resources in FireflyOur partnership with Microsoft ensures that schools using Office 365 can quickly and easily share videos with their students. Remember, you don't have to worry about producing highly polished videos here, (you're not working Hollywood just yet!). Students always appreciate hearing their teachers voice and you will know how best to get your teaching across.

Before you start adding videos from Stream you will need to make sure that you have set the permissions on the video so that other people at your school will be able to see it.

This can be dome from within stream and just needs you to check the permission box, Allow everyone in your company to view this video.

This will allow everyone at your school with a school Microsoft account to see the video.

For more information on permissions within Stream, visit Microsoft

You can now upload the videos for your students - start with the app on your Office 365 dashboard:

  • To upload a video, open Stream and select Upload Video

  • Browse your computer and choose the video you wish to use. Once it has been uploaded it will be available for you in "My Content"
  • Once you have located your video, click on the three dots to the right hand side and select the Share option.

  • Choose the Embed tab where you can set options such as video size, autoplay etc before using the Copy button to copy the embed code, ready to use in Firefly.
  • Once you are ready to add the video to your Firefly page or task, select the Embed tool within the page editor, paste the code and click Done.

Your video is now available in your Firefly resources, ready for sharing with your students.

Note: Parents will not have access to a school Microsoft account and as such you will not be able to share videos from Stream with them. Consider using a separate video hosting platform such as Vimeo or Youtube which allow you embed videos seamlessly within Firefly pages.