Tips on how to use blogs

Creatively use blogs for parental engagement, meeting minutes, fixtures & results, learning or class diaries. 

Parental engagement

Use visual blogs to manage school newsletters, weekly updates, school trip diaries and PTA news. Visual blogs allow you to present information in a way which is visually engaging for parents, which provides information in a wide range of formats and keeps clutter on the site to a minimum. To make sure parents see your blog, recommend it to them. Enabling comments on your posts is also great way to encourage parent/teacher discussion. 

Meeting minutes

Whether its staff meetings, school council meetings or the PTA, a blog allows you to manage minutes easily and make them available to all interested parties within the school.

Fixtures and Results

Display the sports fixtures calendar on the home-page of your blog and then create blog entries each week to present reports on the matches that have taken place. Blogs allow you to use images and video as well as text in your match report.

Learning diary

Students can keep their own blog which might be a simple learning diary cataloguing their achievements each week, or it could be part of a more formal e-portfolio. Teachers can comment on the work as it's produced. It's easy to review, edit and monitor progress.

Class diary

Form teachers in a junior school can use visual blogs to showcase the activities that have taken place each week. This is a great way of engaging parents in the learning process that is taking place in the classroom and can act as a starting point for conversation between the child and their parents at home.