Adding completed tasks

Use the markbook to keep track of in-class assessments or homework that was set outside of Firefly.

If you create an assignment for students to do in class, or make homework that is completed outside of Firefly, you can add a completed task to make sure that the marks given for that task are reflected in the markbook for the students. 

  1. From the markbook, select Add Completed Task.
  2. Start typing the name of the student or group you want to set the task to, then choose the relevant result from the drop-down menu. You can also choose from your lists of classes and students.

    To quickly set a task to just a few students in a class, select a class and click + next to its name. This will display all of the students in that class. You can then remove a student by selecting X.

  3. Give your task a title and choose the completed date by typing in the date or selecting the calendar picker. You may also choose whether to make the task visible in the markbook, Parent Portal, both, or neither. You can also choose if students should see this task.

    You can select Save as Draft at any point and come back to work on your task later.

  4. Choose how to assess the task. 
  5. OPTIONAL Add a description by typing in some text or copying and pasting it from another document.

    You can format your text and add components just like you would on a Firefly page.

  6. OPTIONAL Add attachments:
    • To attach a file such as a worksheet or PowerPoint file, select Attach File from Computer then choose a location from the drop-down. Select the file and choose Open or Choose. You can attach as many files as you want.
    • To attach a Firefly page, choose Attach Existing Page. Find the page and choose Attach.

      Students can only submit files smaller than 95 MB. If you think their files might end up being larger, you might want to ask them to upload them elsewhere.

  7. Review your task then select Add Task.

    If you want to make some changes, select Edit next to the element you want to change. You can also cancel your task completely or save it as a draft to finish working on it later.

    A confirmation message is displayed on-screen. 

    The completed task will appear on your dashboard and on the Tasks screen. If the start date is set to today, your students will receive a notification right away.

Did you know you can also set a completed task on the go with the Firefly for Teachers app?