Hiding & highlighting tasks

Hide unneeded tasks so that they won't appear in the markbook, or highlight tasks so they'll be easier to find.

Hiding & un-hiding tasks

This can be useful if you have tasks that are simple reminders to a class or forms, rather than pieces of assessed work.

  1. Select a task.
  2. Choose Hide Task. The task is instantly removed from the markbook.
  3. To show your task again, select Tasks in the main navigation bar. Choose the Archive filter, then find and select your task. Select Edit, then tick Markbook in the Make this task visible to section to make the task visible in the markbook again.

Highlighting & un-highlighting tasks

This is especially useful if there are certain pieces of work that are part of assessed work etc.

  1. Select a task.
  2. Choose Highlight Task. The column containing the task is spotlighted, making it easier to find in the markbook.
  3. To un-highlight your task, select the task and choose Remove Highlight.

Now that you can choose which tasks you would like to have in the markbook, let's look at how you can add completed tasks.