Markbook overview

Use the markbook to track your students' progress.

  1. In the main navigation bar, select Markbook.
  2. Use the arrows at the top to move backwards and forwards in time, or jump straight to the oldest or newest tasks that you set for this class. You can also scroll through the responses. 

    The red shading indicates lower marks, through amber and then green for higher marks. Where there is no numerical mark, the shading is grey.

  3. To view the markbook for a different class, use the drop-down menu on the right.

    You can also view markbooks for classes from previous academic years — just look for class names with an academic year in parentheses, such as Class 9x/En3 (2013) in the screenshot below. Please note that only students that are currently enrolled will appear in the markbook.

  4. You can change the sorting order of students. Select the Students column and choose which way you want to see your students listed.
  5. Select a student. You can then either go to that student's profile page or view their individual marks and feedback.
  6. Select View Marks and Feedback. All the marks and feedback received by that students are displayed, even for tasks set by other teachers. You can use the Marker drop-down menu to select which teacher you would like to see work for.

    To include tasks that have been marked and archived, tick Archived Tasks. You can also tick Hidden Tasks to view tasks that are hidden from the markbook.

  7. Select Go to Class to return to the class markbook.
  8. To manage a task, select it and choose an option:
    • Highlight: highlights the column of the task — helpful if there are particular key or assessed tasks that you would like to make more visible.
    • Toggle Mark Displayed: lets you choose whether to display the grade, numerical mark or percentage in the markbook.
    • Hide Task: hides the task — useful for tasks that aren't important to track in the markbook.
    • Go to Task: takes you to the task view where you can edit, mark and change how the task is shown in the markbook.
  9. Select a mark to display more information about the task. View the student's work, your formative feedback, and the final grade or mark awarded.

Now that you're familiar with getting around the markbook, let's have a look at hiding and highlighting tasks.