Choosing a page type

Find out which template can best suit your needs.

Please note that after creation, you won't be able to change the page type. The only exception to this is switching from one blank template to another.

Blank templates

Select a template from a wide range of options, then structure your content to achieve the optimum layout.


Use Firefly to create rich, engaging assignments that can be set as tasks or used as tests in class.

Class test

Create a set of questions to be answered within a specified time. Useful for pop quizzes or form-time registration activities.

Revision test

Create an automatically marked test that students can complete multiple times. Perfect for revision.

Progress check

Create a list of steps, topics or aims that users can tick off when complete. Monitor progress by displaying a report for any group.


Create a form, manage the submissions, and display the data you've gathered.


Create a blog, customise its design, and invite others to comment on what you write.

News story

Create news stories for your information bulletins, organise them into news categories and use news feeds to display them. 


Create a forum where people can discuss educational topics, debate, or collaborate on a task.