Create a blog, customise its design, and invite others to comment on what you write.

What's a blog?

Blogs are really flexible, engaging pages, that are great to use with students, parents and colleagues.

Creating a blog

Create a blog and write your first blog post.

Changing your blog's appearance

Change the style of your blog to a visual blog.

Customising the blog homepage

Change your blog homepage's display options to include abstracts, publication dates, images, and more.

Using tags

Set up tags for use across your site, then tag your blog posts so they'll be easier to find.

Navigating your blog

Learn how to find your way around posts within a blog.

Enabling comments on the blog

Enable and manage comments on your blog. Comments are a great way to encourage discussion.

Posting using Quick Blog

The dashboard can be set up with Quick Blog to allow users to create new posts for existing blogs with just a few clicks.