Firefly 6

What's a blog?

Blogs are really flexible, engaging pages, that are great to use with students, parents and colleagues.

What's a blog?

A blog is a series of "posts" on an evolving topic. Posts are ordered chronologically and can be organised into thematic groups using tags. Each post can be commented upon by teachers, students or parents, as you choose.

Blogs in Firefly schools cover lots of different topics, including wider reading, trips, sports team fixtures, regular classroom updates and school newsletters. Blogs are a great way to get students creating Firefly content or parents commenting on classroom activities.

Blog homepage and navigation

The blog homepage summarises the most recent posts. Other posts can be accessed from the homepage via an automatically created monthly archive or the Older and Newer Posts navigation.

You can also "feature" a post to make it more prominent. Featured posts display at the top of the homepage whether or not they are the most recently created.

When reading a post, the blog intelligently suggests related posts that might interest the reader and helps them navigate to next or previous article.


Enabling comments on your posts is a great way to engage readers in discussion. You can open comments to groups of your choice and even have the option to moderate them.


You can assign tags to blog posts to highlight key themes or important points. Your blog will automatically group posts with the same tag to make navigation easy.

Blog styles

Change your blog to a visual blog to populate your blog homepage automatically with images from your blog posts. Twelve images are displayed per page, giving your readers a wide choice for which interesting posts to read. Your blog will look great and display beautifully across devices without you needing to do extra work. Existing blogs won't be affected, but if you'd like to change them to a visual blog you can do so easily.

Now that you know what's possible, why not go ahead and create a blog?