Class test

Create a set of questions to be answered within a specified time. Useful for pop quizzes or form-time registration activities.

  1. Select Create.
  2. Enter a page title.
  3. Select More Templates... > Class Test.
  4. Select Done. Your class test page is created as a draft.
  5. In the editor toolbar, select Question.
  6. Choose a question type:
    • For multiple choice questions, choose Add Choice to give a selection of answers for students to choose from. Remember to tick the correct answer.
    • For text (line) questions, choose Add Answer to add all possible answers.
  7. OPTIONAL Adjust the mark weight or select Mark manually.
  8. OPTIONAL Enter an explanation that will be shown to the student after marking.
  9. OPTIONAL Set a time limit for your test. Select the drop-down next to Publish or Done, then choose More page options. Select the Test tab, enter a time limit and choose Change Page.

    Your students will be notified of the time limit for the test before they start.
  10. Choose Done to add your questions to the page.
  11. Select Publish.

Your class test page is created. You can now set this class test as a task by selecting Copy Page to Task Description at the bottom of the page.

To publish as a report and export data to Excel, choose the Display Report link at the top of the page.

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