Firefly 6

Adding and removing recipients

Send forms to students and other recipients for them to complete. You can also remove some or all recipients from the form.

Adding Recipients

  1. To send to your recipients, such as classes/groups or individuals, select Add recipients at the bottom of the page. 

    The recipients you selected in the form will receive a push notification and email with a link to the form, informing them that they have a form to complete.

  2. Type in the name of the people or groups you want to recommend the page to, then select Next.
  3. OPTIONAL Add a custom message that will be received with the page recommendation.
  4. Select Send this form.

Removing recipients 

  1. To remove a recipient select the X next to the recipient name.

    Or to remove all recipients, select Clear All.
  2. Select Remove Recipients.
    The recipients have been removed from the form and the link to the form has also been removed from their bookmarks. 

Now that you have created a form and sent to your recipients, you can view your form submissions.