Configuring forms

Configure your form so that you and your colleagues can be notified every time a form is submitted. You can also set a confirmation message and allow a form to be edited or submitted multiple times.

  1. Go to your form page.
  2. Select Edit Page.
  3. Choose More page options.
  4. Select the Form tab, then choose Add an e-mail address for notifications.
  5. Add an email address. If you'd like more than one person to be notified, then add separate email addresses with a comma (,).
  6. OPTIONAL Set a confirmation message. This is useful if want to reassure or give instructions once a form has been submitted.
  7. Choose whether to allow form answers to be edited or not. If Allow editing after submission is ticked, then once a form has been submitted, the user will still be able to re-open the form and add to it or change their answers.
  8. Limit the number of times the form can be filled in. You can choose how many times someone can submit the form. It may be that you would like this to be limited to one entry per person or perhaps it is a open form that can be used and re-used many times.
  9. Select Change Page to save your changes.

You can also set up form approvers so that requests submitted by form can be approved.