Firefly 6

Creating forms

Capture information from students, staff or parents.

  1. Select Create.
  2. Enter a page title.
  3. Select More Templates....
  4. Choose Form, then select Done. Your form page is created as a draft.
  5. In the editor toolbar, select Question.
  6. Choose the type of question you would like to add from the list on the left. In this example, we'll be using Text (line)

    • Multiple choice questions allow you to define a selection of possible choices
    • Text (line) questions are answered with a small box that allows an answer of a few words
    • Text (paragraph) questions offer a large box into which a lot of text can be entered
    • Tick box questions require the user to check or uncheck a box
    • Date questions offer the user a pop-up calendar from which to choose a date
    • Number questions are useful if a numerical value is required
    • File upload gives the user an opportunity to upload a file from their device, Office 365 or Google Drive.
  7. OPTIONAL Set the visibility. Some questions can be made to appear depending on earlier answers. This helps keeps the form uncluttered when there are some questions that are only relevant dependant on certain answers:
    • Add the question upon which others are dependent in multiple choice form. 
    • Add a second question which is dependent upon the first.
    • Use the drop-down menu beneath Visible to determine which option in the first question makes the second visible. 
    • Choose Done and the question will be added to the page, but only visible to users who select the relevant answer in the first question.
  8. Select Publish. Your form page is published.

What's next?

Now that you have created up a form, you can invite people to complete the form by adding form recipients.

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