Sending form reminders

Remind students and other recipients to fill out a form.

When you send a form reminder, the message will appear on your recipients Announcements & Messages dashboard and inbox.

  1. To view form responses, select Display Report at the top of the page. 
  2. Select Remind All Non-Responders to remind everyone who has not responded to the form.
  3. Enter the message you wish to send to your recipients. Then select Send Reminder

    The Send Reminder window will let you know the number of people the reminder will be sent to which are the amount of people that have not yet responded.

  4. Select Send Reminder again to confirm the message.

  5. OPTIONAL To send a reminder to specific recipients, tick the box next to the name/s. Then select Remind Selected and follow the same instructions as above. 

For each form you can also set notifications, confirmation messages & submission limitsIf you would like to ask a question and allow people to reply anonymously, try creating a poll.