Create a forum where people can discuss educational topics, debate, or collaborate on a task.

  1. Select Create.
  2. Enter a page title, then select More Templates... 
  3. Choose Forum, then select Done.
  4. Select Done. Your forum page is created as a draft.
  5. Select Publish.

  6. Select New thread. Type the first post for the thread and select Submit post.

    Within a forum, you'll be able to create multiple threads. For example, the forum title might be Homework forum and it may contain multiple threads such as Help with Sonnet XIV project.

Your forum is created. To see all threads in a forum, select Show all threads. New threads are always displayed at the top of the list. To submit a response to a thread, select Reply. The reply will be indented to indicate whether it is a response to the previous post or to the original topic.

To ensure that others can comment on your post, you'll need to set permissions properly.

To delete a comment, select Delete.

Please note, deleting the top comment in a chain deletes all of the following comments as well.

Remember to set the permissions so that viewers of the page can comment. Blog pages are another great way to encourage discussion between users.