Progress check

Create a list of steps, topics or aims that users can tick off when complete. Monitor progress by displaying a report for any group.

We suggest using the progress check for courses such as IB, for sharing kit lists in Duke of Edinburgh, or for keeping staff up to date with changes to policies.
  1. Select Create.
  2. Enter a title, then select More Templates...
  3. Select Progress Check, then choose Done.
  4. Select Done. Your progress check page is created as a draft.
  5. In the editor toolbar, choose Check Point.
  6. Enter a description of a progress stage to be reached, then select Done.
  7. Continue adding checks until they represent all stages of progress through a topic, unit or assignment.
  8. Select Publish.

Your progress check page is published. To review progress of all students, select Display Report at the top of the page. Choose the group you wish to check in the Filter menu. Anyone with write access to the page can check this.

When the student opens the progress check page again, the page will remember the progress they've made.

What's next?

For more detailed records of student progress, why not try a form or an assignment?

Learn more

You can use progress checks to see if staff members have read the handbook