Revision test

Create an automatically marked test that students can complete multiple times. Perfect for revision.

  1. Select Create.
  2. Enter a page title.
  3. Select More Templates... 
  4. Select Revision test, then choose Done.
  5. Select Done again. Your revision test page is created as a draft.
  6. In the editor toolbar, select Question.
  7. Choose a question type:
    • For multiple choice questions, choose Add Choice to give a selection of answers for students to choose from. Remember to tick the correct answer.
    • For True/False questions, choose True or False from the drop-down menu.
    • For text (line) questions, choose Add Answer to add all possible answers.
  8. OPTIONAL Enter an explanation that will be shown to the student after marking.
  9. Choose Done to add your questions to the page.
  10. Select Publish.

Your revision test page is created. Students will see their mark and feedback immediately after completing the test. They can sit the test as many times as they'd like. 

If you copy a revision test to a task description, it is no longer a revision test. To have students complete a revision test, Firefly suggests recommending the page to the students or attaching the page to an existing task.

These marks won't appear in the markbook. They're intended to help students determine how much more work they need to do.

Because this test is designed for revision purposes only, you won't be notified when a student completes it nor will you see what mark they received – even if you set it as a task.

You can also set an assignment or class test to students.