Creating content

Add images, videos, calendars, news feeds, and more to your page.


Add a paragraph or box of text to your page, then change the way it looks.


Add images to your page to create richer, more appealing pages.

Audio & video

Add audio or video files to your page.


Add files to your page, then organise them in the most efficient order.


Create text or visual links to other Firefly pages or external websites.


Embed a code snippet from another website, or display an entire webpage inside a Firefly page.

News feeds

Add a news feed to any page to display a live list of the latest stories. These can be pulled from an external site via RSS or directly from pages within Firefly.


Add a Google, Yahoo! or iCal Calendar so that students, teachers or parents can view what's on in the coming days or weeks.


Add a poll to your page to canvass opinion anonymously. This is a great way to quickly gather student, teacher or parent voice about any topic or area of school life.


Create a table, add your data and choose how to display it.

Structured data

Display the contents of an Excel spreadsheet as a graph or in tabular form.

Contact information

Use the contact component to upload vCards and create a directory on any Firefly page. Great for sharing staff contact details with parents.


Formulae, equations and symbols can easily be added to any page.

SCORM content

If you have materials from publishers that are SCORM compliant, you can add them to your Firefly page.