Audio & video

Add audio or video files to your page.

Adding a media player

Play your own video or audio files straight from a Firefly page, without needing to open any other application.

Adding a Vimeo video

Add any video from Vimeo to one of your Firefly pages.

Adding a YouTube video

Add any video from YouTube to one of your Firefly pages.

YouTube adverts & related videos

One of the advantages of putting some of the great resources that are available on YouTube on a Firefly page is that the video is viewed in a context that you define.

Adding Recent TV

Choose a video for your page from a selection of educationally-relevant TV programmes aired over the last four weeks.

Adding web-based audio

Add web-based audio files to your page.

Working with your own videos

Firefly provides a wide range of options for display video content on your page.