Firefly 6

Adding a media player

Play your own video or audio files straight from a Firefly page, without needing to open any other application.

  1. In the editor toolbar, select More... > Media Player.
  2. Leave Media source set to Resource.
  3. Choose Select file.
  4. Choose Select Files From Your Computer.
  5. Select the video or audio file you want to play, then choose Open.

    Firefly will only accept files smaller than 4 GB.

  6. To add the media file to your page, select Done.

The media player is added to your page. To play the file, you'll need to select Done or Publish first to publish your page.

You can also drag and drop a video file straight onto the page to create a media player.

Upload videos from Vimeo or YouTube to share them safely and effectively with your students.